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Drugs that interfere with The expansion of blood vessels in the tumor, Therefore starving the tumor of your nutrients and oxygen it has to improve. Also known as angiostatic therapy.

Section of the reduced gastrointestinal tract and the last Section of the digestive program exactly where water is absorbed from food stuff matter and squander product is handed from the rectum.

X-ray imaging of the guts, coronary arteries and/or good vessels designed noticeable by injection of a dye straight into the vessel via a catheter. In other occasions, CT or MRI may be used to generate 3-dimensional shots of blood vessels.

Artificial elements that happen to be suspended in liquid and injected right into a blood vessel to variety a everlasting barrier to blood flow. They can be Employed in embolization treatments to stop bleeding or block arteries that give blood flow into a tumor.

A typical term for Serious ailments which include bronchitis and emphysema that lead to the airways from the lung to be narrowed, limiting airflow to and from the lungs and producing shortness of breath. To find out more begin to see the Continual Obstructive Pulmonary Sickness (COPD) website page.

A issue involving the narrowing of your coronary arteries that have blood and oxygen to the center muscle mass.

A form of computed tomography technology having a two-dimensional (2-D) detector that provides numerous, thinner slices in one rotation and also a shorter time frame making it possible for For additional element and additional see capabilities.

A situation during which air enters and collects Look at their offer in in the pleural House and will lead to the lung to break down.

A diagnostic radiologic modality, through which the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms inside of a affected individual are aligned in a solid, uniform magnetic discipline, absorb Electricity from tuned radio pulses, then emit radio signals.

A wire coil that is certainly inserted by way of a tiny plastic tube in the rectum as Component of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Examination to get a lot more in depth images in the prostate gland or other inner physique buildings.

Modest glands that sit atop Each individual kidney and create hormones significant in regulating metabolism, blood pressure and response to strain.

Elevated birthmarks that consist of a clump of blood vessels that didn't increase Usually. They will often be observed within the face in several measurements and shapes and usually are blue, crimson, or purple.

To alter from the liquid to some thickened or solid condition. Blood that does not stream easily via a vessel can coagulate or clot by turning from a free-flowing liquid to some semi-good gel. cobalt (Co)

The process of administering a dose of radiation in smaller units two to three times daily, versus a bigger amount once each day.

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